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    Car dealerships offer optional accessories to make more money. Add this valuable service as a GREAT optional “add on accessory” to your CPA services.

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    “I’m interested in offering this to my clients. What is involved?”

    In case you are wondering, there is nothing for you to pay. We have a service to offer your clients. It’s as easy as handing them a brochure. They watch a video for our service. When they say, “let’s do it!” You make $1,000 and they get a $4,000 tax credit. Contact us and we’ll take about 15 minutes and explain it. It’s that simple.

    My CPA showed this to me. It was a no brainer. It has been great to get a $4,000 tax credit for the past few years!

    Rick McConnell, Monumental Studios Denver

    I was surprised when I found that my website was in violation of ADA laws. I hired IA4DA to fix it. AND I got a $4,000 tax credit. I was thrilled when it got my tax bill to zero!

    Laura Kruse, Certified Residential Appraiser, LKAppraise